“You Are Worth It!” & Celebrating Mother’s Day

mother picWe all are born into this world through a mother, so whether or not we have given birth to a child, we ALL have a connection to motherhood. Thank you to everyone who has ever cared for and/or touched the life of a child.

We are not reminded enough how amazing we truly are…so I have shared a reminder via video that “You Are Worth It!”Also, below and on my YouTube channel is a video with something I wrote entitled, “Celebrating A Mother’s Body” in honor of Mother’s Day and inspired by own my journey to reclaim my body. 

Much love to you all and infinite blessings…

Message of Inspiration: “You Are Worth It!”

“Celebrating a Mother’s Body”

I would love to hear your thoughts–please comment below!

4 Responses to “You Are Worth It!” & Celebrating Mother’s Day

  1. Just Beautiful Zeena !
    Just like YOU !!!

    Love & Blessings,

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