Joy and Living Your Truth

rainbow-joyWhether you believe we have one or many lives, our time on Earth in our current life passes by quickly. I recently watched a few documentaries (“Happy“Afterlife”, and “The Secret”) and their alchemy sparked this topic: “Joy and Living Your Truth”. The questions emerged: What brings you the most joy? Are you living your truth?

As I connect with deceased loved ones during readings, often the underlying messages from them is to love, make the most of what you are given and live without regrets. This means not being ruled by fear or ego, but instead being led by your passions and your joy. Although, I stepped “out of the spiritual closet” some time ago–it is an ongoing process and I still understand the internal tug of war that can arise between spiritual guidance, including following your heart, and society’s demands/expectations.

So as you reflect on this, I hope you can connect with what truly brings you joy and find one thing you can begin today, so you can share your truth with the world!

Here is a short vlog on “Joy and Living Your Truth” and you can find more  videos and meditations on my YouTube Channel…Enjoy!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences–please comment below :)

4 Responses to Joy and Living Your Truth

  1. Hi Zeena,

    I especially liked this blog post and concur totally on living in love, each day. Life is too short to spend even a moment in negativity or judgment of others or self.

    I appreciate all you do.

  2. Zeena,
    Great video !!!
    Thank you for sharing your Truth !!!

    You look beautiful !
    Love, Maura

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