Healing with the Angels (with Meditation)

downloadWe have access to an unlimited source of healing, love and protection. The angelic realm is always ready to help. Turning to angels and archangels for help in our healing and protection is as easy as asking for their assistance and focusing our intentions. 

Some major archangels you can call on are Archangel Michael (for protection, strength, etc.), Archangel Raphael (for healing), Archangel Gabriel (for creativity, inspiration, communication, etc.) and Archangel Uriel (for increasing your spiritual connection). 

I have provided a “Healing with the Angels” Meditation to help you connect and to facilitate angelic healing…


Some of you have asked about my recent weight loss. I have been on a daily journey to “Move More and Reclaim My Body”. I recently completed 70 days, with my next major milestone being 100 days! I post daily at Giveit100.com/@zeenaburse and have uploaded compilation videos of the journey on my Youtube channel under the playlist: “Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness”

 Here is the video of “Days 51-70: Reclaiming My Body & Moving More”:


I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and experiences–please comment below :)

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  1. Always so inspirational, My Friend!

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